Spider Hang Outdoors Tree Tents

For a spa vacation under the open sky

At Ruissalo Spa, you can get closer to nature, or rather, to the sky. On the rocky shores of the spa, there are Spider Hang Outdoors accommodations for 3 people that are not your ordinary tents. They are tree tents suspended between the trees, floating in the air!

Experience an unforgettable night on the rocky shores of Ruissalo, up in the trees. Spider Hang Outdoors accommodation is available during the summer season.

Spider Hang Outdoors camp at our spa section

Camping at Ruissalo comes with a touch of luxury. The tree tents are nestled in their own peace on the cliffs, yet very close to the spa. It’s just a short distance to the sauna and swimming, and after a night in the forest, a hearty hotel breakfast awaits. You don’t need to bring your own camping gear – sleeping bags, pillows, and sleeping pads are included in the accommodation. You can also grab pre-packaged grill snacks from the spa.

An environmentally-friendly nature experience for the whole family

At Ruissalo, considering the environmental impact is a given. The island is a protected natural area, and camping is highly restricted. That’s why this is a unique opportunity to experience the stunning archipelago nature of Ruissalo. The tree tents themselves leave no trace in nature or on the trees, and normal camping rules apply in this camp as well – you must take your garbage with you, and open fires are not allowed. However, following the rules is made easy as there are waste bins near the accommodations, and the beach bonfire spot is available for guests to use, allowing for safe campfire activities such as roasting marshmallows.

The tree tents are located on the rocky shores, nestled among the trees. They provide a sense of shelter and privacy while still offering a view and a feeling of being close to the sea.

Spider Hang Outdoors tree tents available for booking

  • The accommodation includes breakfast, access to the spa and gym facilities, as well as a sleeping bag, pillow, and sleeping pad.

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