Booking conditions

Check out our booking conditions. Remember to also read your booking confirmation!

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation rules vary depending on when or at what price you have made your booking. Detailed cancellation terms can be found in your booking confirmation. Please read it carefully!

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking or different rules apply to the accommodation package/price you have chosen, you can cancel your reservation on the day of arrival by no later than 4:00 PM local time, either via the cancellation link in the booking confirmation, by phone at 02 44 55 100, or online here. If the cancellation takes place earlier, it can also be done by email at

If you cancel your reservation after 4 PM on the day of arrival or do not arrive at all, the hotel has the right to charge a minimum of 1 night’s accommodation price and any other services ordered in advance. If the reservation is confirmed by credit card, the charge can be made directly from the credit card account.

The booking and cancellation terms for groups are agreed separately at the time of booking.

Passenger’s Obligations and Liability

The customer is required to carefully fill out the passenger card intended for authorities when checking in. The contact person for the booking must be of legal age. A minor can stay at the Ruissalo Spa provided that they are accompanied by at least one adult responsible person.

You can use the room from 3 PM on the day of arrival. The room must be vacated by 12:00 PM on the day of departure. The hotel is not responsible for items left in rooms or general areas of the hotel.

Guests must follow the hotel’s rules of conduct as well as instructions and regulations issued by authorities during their stay.

The hotel guest (or ultimately the contact person named at the time of booking) is responsible for damages that they cause to the hotel or third parties. They are obligated to compensate for the movable property that they intentionally or negligently break or unauthorizedly remove from the hotel premises.


If the seller, for reasons beyond the seller’s control, cannot provide the already booked and paid room, the seller has the right to offer the customer alternative hotel accommodation in the locality. Changes must be notified to the contact person of the reservation as soon as possible. If the accommodation does not take place due to the seller’s mistake, or if the quality of the accommodation has demonstrably significantly decreased due to a mistake made by the seller, the customer is entitled to compensations or at most the refund of the paid accommodation cost in full. The customer’s other possible expenses are not compensated.

If you notice anything noteworthy about the room’s equipment or condition, please report it promptly on the day of arrival so that we can correct any errors. The hotel is not obliged to compensate the customer for remarks made afterwards.

Room Pricing

The daily and package prices mentioned on the website and in the price lists are starting prices, unless otherwise stated. The final room price is determined by the booking situation and the season at the time of booking. You can inquire about the daily price from our sales service at 02 44 55 100 or through the online booking system.

Certain prices require prepayment. Please read the detailed price information from your booking confirmation.

We do not charge prepayment for packages.

Non-refundable Price

If the price is non-refundable, it means that the reservation cannot be canceled or changed and the payment will not be refunded.

Online Booking Terms

You can find the online booking terms on our booking pages »

The right to changes is reserved.