Special Rooms

If you wish to book a special room, please contact our customer service:
0300 44550
0,65 €/min + local network charge

Special Rooms for People with Mobility Restrictions

Our spa has special rooms for people with mobility restrictions. Practicality and ease of movement have been taken into consideration in these rooms. The rooms are of Classic standard.

Allergy-friendly Rooms

In our allergy-friendly rooms, the choices of decor and surface materials have been selected with consideration for their suitability for people with allergies and asthma. Additionally, we use fragrance-free, allergy-friendly cleaning products for housekeeping.

Pet-friendly Rooms

Pets are warmly welcome at Ruissalo Spa. Pet-friendly rooms are either Classic or Superior rooms. If you wish to stay with a pet in some other room type, please contact our sales service at sales@sunborn.fi so we can confirm this.

The price of the pet-friendly room includes the pet fee, no separate charge is applied (If the booking is made with a gift certificate, a surcharge of 20,- occurs).

Especially dogs enjoy a vacation in Ruissalo, as the island has a fenced dog park and the city’s dog swimming beach is located on the island.

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Our partner Peten Koiratarvike has a nice surprise for our canine guests. 💚