Best price guarantee when you book directly with us

Always the best price

When you come to stay with us, it’s always best to make your reservation directly through Ruissalo Spa’s website. Booking is easy and secure, with fair cancellation policies, and you’ll have direct contact with the service provider for any additional questions you may have.

Additionally, we guarantee the best price – if you find a lower price than what we offer, we’ll refund the price difference and give you an additional 20% discount on the lower price.

The best price guarantee is valid when you have made the reservation at and find a better price on another website. The room reservation must be made within 24 hours for the same hotel, same dates, same room category, same number of rooms and guests, under the same price and booking conditions, and in the same currency.


  1. Corporate contract prices or other non-publicly available prices, including group, meeting, and package rates, as well as campaign and member rates.
  2. Reservations made on external booking websites that are not our partners or official resellers (e.g., Agoda,,
  3. Reservations made in a different currency.
  4. “Especial offers” or “online coupons” or email offers for restricted groups.
  5. Reservations for more than 9 rooms.
  6. Reservations where the hotel name is not revealed until after booking.
  7. Reservations made through auction principles.
  8. Booking requests on websites where the confirmation of the reservation is received with a delay.
  9. Prices saved on your own browser that are outdated (e.g., prices saved in cookies) or other outdated prices.
  10. Unpublished or private prices or websites that require login.


  1. The claim for a refund must be submitted within 24 hours after the confirmed reservation made on the hotel’s website, and no later than 24 hours before the check-in time on the arrival date.
  2. The claim must include a working URL link to the lower price found and a screenshot that clearly shows the lower price details on the competing website (including accommodation dates, room type, hotel, inclusions, and payment terms).
  3. The claim must specify the exact time and date and your contact information.
  4. If it can be verified that the found lower price meets the requirements of the best price guarantee, as well as all other terms and conditions, Naantali Spa will match the lower price and offer an additional 20% discount (subject to room availability).
  5. The best price guarantee applies only to published, available prices that can be found and booked immediately without any restrictions or payment limitations.
  6. The lower price must be found under exactly the same reservation criteria – same hotel, same room type, same inclusions, same accommodation dates, same number of guests, and same price description.
  7. Cancellation and prepayment terms, as well as other accommodation conditions, must be identical. If the claim refers to accommodation that includes multi-night stays, the average price per night will be compared to the average price per night in the identical reservation by using the website where the lower price was found.
  8. In cases where the accommodation has been prepaid on our website, we will refund the difference within 30 working days of the receipt of the claim to the payer’s credit card, if available.
  9. The hotel disclaims all liability for any costs that may be associated with cancellations made through a reservation channel other than the hotel’s own.

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